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Your Family Photo Session: Ideas and Inspiration

A Family Photo Session with ALN Images

Capturing families gives me life! I love a good family photography session. Growing up, my mom would do whatever it took to get everyone in the same room. I come from a family of 6, so that wasn’t always an easy task!

Yet somehow the smell of biscotti baking in the oven was often enough to bring us all together. It’s an honor to share space with the families I photograph and document their simple interactions and time spent together.

In all my photography, it’s my goal to capture candid, authentic moments. I want families to interact like I’m not even there, and definitely not be thinking about the camera.

It works best for families to be in the comfort of their own homes. Or, a place that is meaningful and comfortable for everyone, especially the little ones. These create the best family portraits.

annapolis family photographer

Planning for your Family Photo Session

  • Find the room with the best morning light. Ideally, we’re going to be shooting before noon to capture that morning glow, so think about the rooms in your house with nice natural light. Don’t be afraid to rearrange things if needed.
  • Simplify and declutter. Having too many things in the room can be distracting for photos. Declutter if you can and straighten toys and bookshelves.
  • Consider including family mementos in your session. Think about the quilt that grandma made or a special necklace or jewelry box. These items don’t need to be the star of the show (that’s you and your family!), but we can find creative ways to incorporate them into your photos.
  • Consider naps and mealtimes. The goal is to have everyone rested, fed, and well-hydrated so we can focus on enjoying our time together and capturing those smiles and giggles on camera. Let Alli know if you’re nearing naptime and need to wrap things up!
  • Keep treats and snacks available. We’re going for smiles and having treats on hand can help, especially with little kids and animals for these special occasions. And save some for yourself too!

Style Ideas for your Session

  • Think about your outfits. It works well when families wear complimentary colors instead of just one color. Consider neutrals or earth tones to keep the focus on the faces in the picture. I’ve got lots more styling tips here.
  • Seek inspiration. Check out my Instagram for ideas on family sessions!
  • Plan for comfort. I want to capture the moments where you chase after your kids and be silly together. Plan for outfits that everyone can move in. Long dresses or skirts are a great option for women who want to feel a little dressed up but also keep it comfy.

annapolis family photographer

Scheduling your Family Photo Session

Consider how you’d like to use your photos. Will they be on your holiday cards or sent out as Christmas gifts? If that’s the case, we should plan for a September or October session at the latest. Or perhaps you’re planning around a birthday or anniversary?

Whatever the occasion, reach out and we’ll talk about schedules and timing to get perfect pictures that you’ll treasure forever.

annapolis family photographer

annapolis family photographer

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annapolis family photographer

annapolis family photographer

annapolis family photographer

annapolis family photographer



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