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George & Ramsay- Engaged in La Jolla Beach (San Diego)

Where do I even begin?

Every chance to hang with George and Ramsay is a treat. They each have a smile you can’t forget and keep any conversation interesting.

I love an excuse to go down San Diego from LA- easy drive and a great escape from the city.  Ramsay and I had decided to do a whopping THREE locations for the shoot. We did the eucalyptus garden by UCSD, sunset cliffs and ended with an incredible sunset on the sands of La Jolla. Time passes quick with these two— duh fun.

George was introduced to Ramsay through his sister Kate while they were all finishing college.

Fam & friends: “Hey George, wanna date Ramsay?”

George: “Nah.”

Ramsay: “YES! YES! I would definitely date George!”

Errr—- ok let’s try this again. ( Fast forward a month or so.)

George: “Sure, let’s give it a go.”

Boom, match made in heaven. George, what were you thinking almost letting this slip by?!

Once George got orders from the Navy to go to the San Diego area, Ramsay made the trek out and roomed with George’s sister Kate. Kate could teach Orange Theory out there plus her boyfriend Daniel got stationed there too.  Timing couldn’t have been better! So yes, this is what brought this story to the west coast.

George and Ramsay knew they’d get married in Memphis, but what better reason to photograph their engagement out in SD? It was a really cool milestone for everyone. These two are peas in a pod. They way they look at each other is all the evidence you need. I am so happy they called me to document their journey.

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