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George & Ramsay – A Memphis Dream

‎Memphis weddings are no joke, y’all. 500 invites may easily go out and it is likely each had a plus one. Don’t fall off your chair, wedding planners. It is actually manageable and some of the most fun you’ll ever have!

Family means everything to this crew. In fact, don’t be surprised if your Prince Charming finds you via your sister or brother.

Ramsay attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She joined a sorority where she became best friends with George’s sister Kate. Kate brought Ramsay to meet George and…. well you can do the math.

George went to the Naval Academy and played football– killer athlete guys. While he was there, his sister Keri moved up to Annapolis to be close by and look out for him. She ended up marrying one of his fellow classmates— we will save that story for another day. But are you picking up what I’m putting down!?

George and Ramsay have what I like to call an “infectious kindness”. They take time away from everyone else in the room to listen to you and make sure you are taken care of. Getting to know these two has been such a treat. I know we will be lifelong friends and for that I thank my lucky stars!

Tradition speaks very loud in the south and I respect it. This ranges from military tradition, to pre-ceremony prayers, to the tried and true crack candy dessert George’s mom is famous for.Family values stand out above the rest though.

I specifically noticed the strength passed between siblings and friends here. They truly look out for each other. Listening to the speeches at their rehearsal dinner were quite moving. It was really special to see everyone come together– even COUSINS! This group is strong and it shows.

Ramsay’s dad shared very touching words with everyone at the reception and naturally crushed it on the dance floor. The images I have of Ramsay and her dad are some of my favorite from the evening. Meanwhile, Ramsay’s mom is equally as stunning as Ramsay so watch out. Every photo of them is a jaw dropper! I can’t believe how long they held back tears.

George is one of FIVE siblings, all of which will greet you with hugs and smiles bigger than you’ve experienced before. His parents are a reminder of how supportive and genuinely loving people can be. You can’t have a conversation with George’s dad without cracking up. He will keep every moment from souring and light up the room. It’s an honor to know them! As you will see from the reception images, no one has any problem being completely themselves 🙂 I will jump at any chance to work with these lovely people again.

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