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Christine & Patrick ~ Coining the Term “Uncle Bumble”

It is rare to book a client too fast, too immediately, and certainly impulsively. This goes for both sides of the equation— client and photographer. We want to make sure we connect with our clients and vendors to ensure a smooth, fun day when the time comes. Christine and I emailed back and forth on the Knot for some time, then speaking on the phone changed the game.

We connected right away and both got equally excited. I had just started booking more Philly brides vs Los Angeles brides because I knew I wanted to move my business back east. With that spirit leading the way, it was a perfect match! Well worth the email journey!

We got to book their engagement session during Christmas break in Manayunk where her and Pat first hung out. Adorable!

A little background: Chrissy and Pat met on the oh so famous dating app… BUMBLE. Both with no expectations ended up in the situation they always wanted. That said, Christine’s whole family now calls Pat “Uncle Bumble.” Personally, I think it’s hilarious and gives me hope!!

Their wedding was the epitome of spring with the perfect doses of pinks and greens. Thanks to Christine and Patrick I was introduced to AMAZING Philadelphia wedding vendors. I’m still in touch with them and they’ve been a great welcome to the east coast. I’m so grateful!

I tend to get all sappy and wordy with my writing, my posts, all things I do really. I noticed from the beginning that Chrissy and Pat appreciated the value I put on sentiment. That goes a long way folks! It is a huge contribution to the connection you share with your vendors. If you think you could hang out on any other day, well, you’re winning. That’s how it felt with Chrissy and Pat!

There’s always a different energy during the morning portion of a wedding day. We’re all hoping family members are on time, that florals arrive, that someone has the invitation, that someone has the rings. You name it. If you let yourself, you can find plenty to preoccupy your mind. Well, this crew had it together and really supported one another. It was super cool to see everyone come together and share words of encouragement at the same time there were tears. Such a testament to the strength of the crew Chrissy and Pat have in their corner. Specifically, Christine’s bridesmaid read the letter Pat wrote to her because she was too emotional to get through it!!

Their ceremony was full of love for the people in their life. Family and friends played musical roles, and naturally all the nieces and nephews were in the bridal party!

These two are lifelong friends, no doubt.

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