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Amanda & Andrew – A Fairytale Engagement in New York City

There is a reason my clients will always be the most special part of this job. Yes— wedding photography is about pictures, dresses, flowers, pretty plates and big band music. But it is ENTIRELY about people and their stories. That said, I LOVE when I can turn childhood friends and family in to clients. Values, connections and similar perspectives are game changers when it comes to picking an engagement and wedding photographer.

As we grow up. we do and try multiple things. We want to figure out what we love and where we want to go. In that process, the people we meet are more influential than we may know in the moment. Despite where you actually end up ten, fifteen years after high school, the people you met doing all those things early on can come back into your life. It is all full circle. The story of Amanda and Andrew are an example of just this.

Amanda and I grew up in the same neighborhood and drifted into some of the same activities. The big one being theatre. Our neighborhood was just 40 minutes outside Philadelphia and we both went to Great Valley High School. Theatre was taken very seriously at our school; it was next level. To this day I think Amanda and I would both take any chance we could to sing the praises of our directors that made it all happen. We are so grateful to have had such a special experience!

As early as fifth grade, Amanda was leading the pack on stage as Annie. Come high school she was leading in musicals like South Pacific and dramas like Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Meanwhile, I fell in love with directing and producing. I started a summer theatre with all of our neighborhood crew and ended up helping direct in high school. Who of course, lead some of my first casts? Amanda!

FLASH FORWARD to 2020—-  Amanda gets engaged right as I transition my career in television to wedding photography and she leads a Broadway stage as Glinda in Wicked! Yes, this is real life! Is that not the perfect full circle story where your worlds collide? Thank you, Universe!

It was QUITE cold when we all met up in NYC to shoot. Amanda and Andrew were both feeling under the weather, even more so Andrew. So let’s all please pat him on the back for being SUCH a trooper getting through this outdoor session. He nailed it!

It was truly an afternoon of laughing, reminiscing and super lovely pics. A big thank you from me to these two—what a treat!



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