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Emily and David, A Classy Bar Elopement in Los Angeles

Times couldn’t be much more bizarre right now. Bizarre times call for creativity though, I must say. It has become prime time to elope! Why cancel? You can at least arrange a romantic portrait session with your babe right? There’s always time to party, but why wait to seal the deal? Elopement wedding photography sessions bring your intimate special day to light.

As a wedding photographer, I make it just as much my job to understand where my couples are coming from as I do taking actual wedding photos. When I put myself in the shoes of a bride, everything comes fully into perspective. And that, makes all the difference. Especially right now.

COVID has turned all of our worlds upside down. It does not matter who you are, where you are, or what your plans are. It DOES effect you and all lives are relative in these circumstances. Sure, a lot of couples are rescheduling their events and making new arrangements with their vendors. As a vendor, my appreciation is through the roof for those of you keeping me in your plans and abreast of all new info. However, as a bride I can only imagine the stress: work calendars have been adjusted, dress alterations have been made, Grandma’s flight has been coordinated with Aunt Jane in order to keep travel smooth, Kris and Kevin rearranged their kids’ school schedule in order to make your wedding their vacation… I GET IT. This is not necessarily an easy fix for all of you.

Well, in the case that you decide to compromise, elopement packages can be the ideal solution. Choosing an elopement photography package is a chance to still have your moment with your fiancé, wear your dress, potentially use your flowers, even your venue, and of course your photographer. Have guests tune in on Zoom? Sure, why not! There’s always a chance to coordinate a party down the line. It does not have to be an all encompassing, daunting decision made all at once. As an elopement travel photographer, i’m here to best fit your needs.

To each their own;  by all means plan as you see fit. Truly! However, if you’re eager and want some portion of your plans to still come to fruition amidst crisis…. your visual vendors can still be here for you! We are here for you no matter your decision, flexibility is one of our fortes!

All that said, I wanted to share with you a perfect example of how this can work and serve a couple tremendously.

ALN Images elopement black cat Los Angeles

elopement photography Los Angeles california

These two are peas in a pod. As Emily will tell you, David rarely smiles, let alone for a photo. Luckily, I had the up close and personal chance to witness them together and….. there was plenty of real smiling!

Emily and David met in a quite serendipitous way. While Emily works in the music industry in Los Angeles, David does investigative work in the UK. Emily was traveling in Paris, and thought hey, I’m here, why I don’t try swiping right a few times? Well… it worked!!

The two kept in touch and knew this was something to keep present in their lives. Time passed, things got more serious, and they decided it was time to tie the knot. Per their impromptu meeting in Europe the first time…. David decided to pop the question the next time they were in PARIS!

When it came time to actually figure out what a wedding would look like, it was a bit complicated. Emily and David couldn’t have their whole crew easily present, as they’re from different continents as it is! Arranging the schedules of as many people as necessary could have taken an eternity and these two saw no reason to drag it out.

Spending time together was never easy given the obvious distance between these two. What better duo to manage a classy little elopement at the Black Cat in Los Angeles to seal the deal?

Emily and David put their family on FaceTime while their two besties stood in as bridal party and officiant at their ceremony.

I truly respect these two. Their story is a perfect example of how love triumphs all. It is entirely your decision as a couple on how to make your wedding the most special to you. Emily and David have a relationship that displays a trial of both patience and integrity. Distance does not need to be a negative element when it comes to determining a future with the love of your life. Congratulations all over again!


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